Printed Circuit Boards

AgetoMTT assists you from concept to delivery. AgetoMTT is the leading supplier in the Nordic regions of advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) and also offers a wide range of services. We are at your disposal as a one-stop resource – from concept through to series production and delivery.

AgetoMTT has become the natural choice for many electronics manufacturers due to our long experience of technically demanding PCB projects in which innovation regarding processes, costs and logistics are vital success factors.

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Design, Test and Measurement Equipment

for RF, EMC and Microwave

MTT Design and Verification is by your side when your RF EMC and Microwave projects need advanced measurement equipment, a critical component, the right design software or engineering advice. We have the tools to test and optimize the performance of your electronic product and shorten its time to market. 

MTT is run by engineers representing an unrivaled collection of market leading suppliers. We differ from the rest because we give the pre- and after-sales support you normally wouldn't expect from a local distributor.

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